Friday, 10 September 2010

T shirts from the past

this is a Tshirt design from the past,
made to commemorate the wondrous audio visual collaboration between Pseudo Nippon and Triangle Shark
Bon Voyage Pete x x x

Everybody LOVE Everybody

Reduce the Visible signs of ageing (in your face)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Its not me its you

eYE Pain the show 7

a 4 dimensional Zebra and a fake cgi Nuclear explosion with eyes on

eYE Pain the show 6

and another one

eYE Pain the show 6

2 mono prints from the show

EYE Pain the show 5

2 examples of Isabel Rocks ART Work, Bothe are hand coloured in Etchings

EYE Pain the show 4

This is a video taken of the front window of the Bear Space Gallery during the show EYE pain

The piece was made in Collaboration with my Good Friend Charles Sandford.
Charles Sanford Graduated Fine ART BA at Kingston University this year.
If you would like to contact him his email Address is

EYE Pain the show 3

EYE Pain the show 2

EYE Pain THE SHOW AT Bear space gallery

Images from Eye pain the show, which occurred between June the 25Th and July the 24Th in the year 2010, the Exhibition was held at Bear Space Gallery, 152 Deptford High Street. the Show featured Drawings and prints by me and my sister Isabel Rock. Many Thankyous to Julia Alvarez the Director/curator of Bear space for putting us on.

EYe Pain Promo Picture

if you stare at the picture for long eneogh you will eventually see a man with a paper bag on his head

There Will Be BLoooood

Here is an Illustration I did for the film "there will be Bloooooood" that was kindly shown on the bbc iplayer a few weeks ago, as you can see it took me a really long time, but it was worth it, to hire me for illustration work please don't hesitate to contact me via this Blog