Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pencil Pain

These are the pencil sketches for the Eye pain Celebratory Gif which is below but is not actually Animating at the moment due to some file corruption but i will post it again as soon as i have it working

Monday, 29 March 2010

Celebration Eye pain

EYE PAIN Celebration Gif, Celebrating the birth of EYE PAIN Publishing

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Warriors the Book
Limited Edition of 30
full colour center page spread
featuring the poo samurai and russian tatooed prisoners (see above)

Pencil Death

Pencil Death Publication 3
Pencil based zine feauturing some feminist icons and a man with a rely wiggily arm
Limited Edition of 25

Pony Club, a 1 off zine for my friend Mette Strong horse Leg forever
re edited edition of Pony club
Featuring a 1000 legged horse

Resident Evil 4 Zine

Resident Evil 4 zine
(the German Dubbed version)
its all about putting your zombie tentacles inside your lab partner and then possessing them

Only 1 copy ever made

Milk and Mince Detail

an inner page from Milk and Mince
Dogs in jumpers
Pigs in Wigs
Magic Cup Cake breath

Milk and Mince

Milk and Mince the Publication
Words by our dear brother Oliver

Centaurs vs Lapiths detail

Detail from Lapiths vs Centaurs. the Lapith is lying on the floor, the centaur is rearing up for a killer Blow (it has breeze blocks with eyes in for hands)

Centaurs vs Lapiths

Centaurs vs Lapiths Publication 2
based on the compositions of the same name at the British Museum
Centaurs win
1 copy actually sold professionally with the Help of Gosh comics (thankyou Gosh comics and the 1 person who brought a copy for real)

Tails From the Eye pie Back Cover

Tails From the Eye pie

Tails from the Eye pie publication 1

Brown Tears detail

Detail from Brown Tears, a midget standing on a box

Brown Tears

Brown Tears the colouring book

Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy christmas everybody

Happy christmas Everybody hear be a picture i did to celebrate christmas 2010, i Believe that to be the crab nebula in the background, and the batter texture is fish fingers, and those are cheese flavoured dorritoes with faces at the bottom,

An Elephant standing on itself

Daniel and his Dinner

This is the opening page of "Edition 1 Harriet Rocks this"

Harriet Rocks THIS

Possibly the greatest self published comic ever made
Limited edition of 1
RIP Harriet Rocks Drawing

meat beast with saw arms

This creature has saws for arms and the yellow blobs orbiting it are cloves of garlic

Thursday, 18 March 2010

cheese puffs and man flesh

a pattern about cheese puffs and man flesh


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